Updated December 21, 2012

Dear A.T. Club Presidents, Agency Representatives, and Trail Volunteers:

The Leave No Trace Working Group of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's Stewardship Council, Trail and Camping Committee, appreciates your interest in spreading the word about "Leave No Trace" -- which will help protect the natural resources and the primitive recreational experience offered by the Appalachian Trail.

The revised Signs Guide ("Guidelines for Use") document, both in Word 2010 .docx format and Adobe .PDF) is available for download, below. Please download and print these guidelines, discuss them with others, and complete PAGE 9 (permissions/order form) and send the AGREEMENT on Page 9 to LeaveNoTrace@appalachiantrail.org, BEFORE POSTING A SIGN or poster on public property. This will help ensure a result that has everyone's support. Much appreciated!

Here is the revised A.T. LNT Group Use Brochure, which gives guidance especially tailored to organized groups (Scouts, College Groups, etc.). Feel free to print and distribute this brochure to group leaders who you may contact in educational settings, prior to trips on the A.T.

You may print the Tri-fold "Leave No Trace on the Appalachian Trail" brochure and the posters (below) for educational uses off the Trail, or for posting in a church, hostel, business, or other area where you have "exclusive jurisdiction." (Please advise LeaveNoTrace@appalachiantrail.org of these uses, so we better learn the value of these products.) In areas where management is shared (for example, within the Appalachian Trail corridor), you must coordinate and gain the AGREEMENT of your Appalachian Trail Conservancy regional director, local trail club president, and land managing agency (for example, the local district ranger) before placing posters or signs. Note that Region 8 of the U.S. Forest Service is making several of these products available on a Bulletin Board design "tool." More information is available through Region 8, or email LeaveNoTrace@appalachiantrail.org for assistance in contacting Region 8).

Please contact LeaveNoTrace@appalachiantrail.org if you have questions, comments, or desire more information. See www.appalachiantrail.org/LNT for additional information on Leave No Trace practices for the Appalachian Trail. Thank you!